New Driving Licenses BRTA Service Portal (BSP)

Bangladesh is a country with a population of over 160 million people and a growing demand for transportation. However, until recently, the process of obtaining a driving license was cumbersome and time-consuming. Many people had to wait for months or even years to get their licenses, and some resorted to illegal means to bypass the system.

Driving Licenses Processing System Bangladesh

But things have changed for the better since the introduction of the BRTA Service Portal (BSP) by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) in 2019. The BSP is an online platform that allows citizens to register as service recipients as drivers, owners, and vehicle dealers, and apply for various services related to driving licenses, such as learner driving license, smart card driving license, driving license renewal, duplicate driving license, and more.

The BSP has made the driving license process faster, easier, and more transparent. According to the BRTA, the BSP has reduced the processing time of driving licenses from six months to 15 days. The BSP has also eliminated the need for middlemen and brokers who used to charge exorbitant fees and exploit the applicants.

The BSP has also introduced biometric verification and smart card technology for driving licenses. The applicants have to provide their biometrics (digital photo, digital signature, and fingerprint) at the BRTA circle offices, and they receive a smart card driving license that contains a microchip with their personal and vehicle information. The smart card driving license is more secure and durable than the previous paper-based license.

The BSP has also improved the quality of driving education and testing in Bangladesh. The applicants have to undergo a written test, a viva test, and a practical test at designated centers. The tests are conducted by trained examiners and monitored by CCTV cameras. The tests are based on the Highway Code of Bangladesh, which covers traffic rules, road signs, signals, and safety measures.

The BSP has received positive feedback from the public and the media. Many people have praised the BSP for making the driving license process more convenient and hassle-free. Some people have also shared their success stories on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The BSP is an example of how digital transformation can improve public service delivery and governance in Bangladesh. The BRTA plans to expand the BSP to other services such as vehicle registration, fitness certificates, tax tokens, route permits, etc. in the future. The BRTA hopes that the BSP will help to create a safer and more efficient road transport system in Bangladesh.

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