How to Check Your Grameenphone Number in Bangladesh

Check Your Grameenphone Number

Grameenphone is one of the leading mobile network operators in Bangladesh, with over 80 million subscribers. If you are a Grameenphone user, you might want to know how to check your own number, especially if you have forgotten it or need to share it with someone. In this article, we will show you how to check your Grameenphone number in Bangladesh using different methods.

Method 1: Dial *2#

The easiest and fastest way to check your Grameenphone number is to dial *2# from your phone. This will display your number on the screen. You can also save this number in your contacts for future reference.

Method 2: Use MyGP App

Another way to check your Grameenphone number is to use the MyGP app, which is the official app of Grameenphone. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register with your Grameenphone number. Once you log in, you can see your number on the home screen of the app. You can also access other features of the app, such as checking your balance, buying packages, paying bills, and more.

Method 3: Call Customer Care

If you are unable to use the above methods, you can also call the customer care of Grameenphone and ask for your number. The customer care number is 121 for prepaid users and 158 for postpaid users. You will need to provide some information, such as your name, SIM card number, and NID number, to verify your identity. The customer care agent will then tell you your number.

Checking your Grameenphone number in Bangladesh is easy and convenient with these methods.

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