Amazon, You Have to Accept These 8 Conditions, The Company's Special Tips to Beat Hackers

Online shopping scams are increasing day by day. Despite various security measures, cybercriminals cannot be suppressed. Because they are finding new ways to cheat users and trap them and steal account information and personal data. However, online shopping site Amazon has come up with some tips to avoid these fraudsters. This step has been taken by the company so that the buyers of this e-commerce site can be safe from cyber criminals.

Only trust Amazon-owned channels

According to the e-commerce giant, “Users should always use the Amazon mobile app or website for customer service, technical support or when making any account changes. "

Beware of False Haste

Scammers can sometimes lure you in with attractive offers or deals. Scammers can also rush you to buy the item. If this ever happens then do not do any transaction in this case.

Be careful when transacting over the phone

Amazon will never ask you for payment information (such as gift cards or verification cards). And if you ever come across such a situation, do not step into the fraudster's net and do any transaction.

Always verify links

Users should use the Amazon website directly to make changes to Amazon devices/services, orders or accounts. Because Amazon has not authorized any third-party sellers to do this.

Check the email or message properly

If you ever receive a suspicious link or attachment in any mail or message, do not open it. Because if you open it, you may be cheated.

Account “Suspended” or “Deleted” Emails Are Fake

If scammers send texts, emails, and phone calls saying your account will be suspended or deleted and asking you to click a link or verbally provide information to “verify your account,” the emails or messages are fake. . So don't forget to click on such links

Beware of Prime Membership Scams

According to Amazon, any unexpected calls/texts/emails requesting membership or mentioning your membership issues and asking you to confirm or cancel charges. Then understand that this unexpected call or text message is a conspiracy. These scammers try to steal money or bank account information from customers by asking them to renew their membership.

Do not share any personal information and report immediately

Amazon will never call or email you to share any personal information. Not even any online shopping site will do this. But if someone does that, avoid that call or message and try to report it on the concerned website.

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